Illinois has a teacher shortage. Veteran teachers, step up to help train the recruits.

We have a teacher shortage in this state, and it has become a critical issue in education.

Good teachers are leaving the profession in droves and qualified replacements are extremely difficult to find, especially in small rural areas. One thing we can do within the teaching profession to combat this shortage is to mentor a student teacher.

Few experienced teachers are ready to hire a student teacher at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic, because of the added responsibility on top of handing over their students to a young teacher who has just learned the trade. .

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I was a high school English teacher for 33 years and now work as a supervisor for student teachers in the state of Illinois, and we have serious difficulty placing our students with teacher mentors. If you are a teacher, I implore you to think about the future of the profession and consider sponsoring a student teacher next year. If we don’t start giving opportunities to these students, we won’t have enough teachers to staff our schools. Is this the future we want for our children?

Jim Rodgers, Clinical Assistant Professor, Illinois State University

No leadership on tree protection

I am writing to provide an update on an issue I raised last November in response to your November 6, 2021 editorial “The world needs more trees. Chicago and Illinois must help.

The days are numbered on the 40 Oaks of Downers Grove after School District 58 sold the property to McNaughton Development. On February 8 at 7 p.m., the village council was to have a first reading on a change to the municipal code to allow McNaughton to build the maximum number of houses on the property.

There will be no protection for these oaks and no requirement for replacement. Again, I don’t know why Downers Grove was mentioned in the editorial as a leader in tree protection. It’s certainly not something we can be proud of, but I think it deserves to be published as an example of decision-making that contributes to climate change.

Irene Hogstrom, Downers Grove

What baseball fans need

When it comes to ongoing labor negotiations between baseball owners and players, both sides need to read the play. We keep hearing that owners need this and gamers need that, but we never hear about what fans need – and what fans need is is baseball, now more than ever given the troubling times we live in.

Millions of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, but billionaire owners and millionaire gamers don’t know how to fairly share $10 billion a year – it’s shameful.

If this work stoppage causes games to be canceled, we will boycott Major League Baseball and start spending our money on minor league baseball, which frankly offers much better value.

Glenn Bischoff, Bartlett

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