Austin American-Statesman Letters to the Editor: February 6, 2022

Texas’ best last chance to fight

climate change and its disasters

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that goes for climate-related weather disasters as well. According to NOAA, since 1980, Texas has experienced 140 weather-related disasters that caused at least $1 billion in damage, more than any other state.

As climate change continues to make weather events more frequent and severe, this price is only expected to rise.

That’s why it’s time for Sens. Cruz and Cornyn to support strong policies to reduce carbon pollution. The climate provisions of the Build Back Better Act would incentivize utilities to switch to renewable energy sources. It’s an approach previously proposed by Republicans that would bolster Texas’ wind and solar sectors.

This is our best last chance to protect Texans from more floods, hurricanes, and crop-destroying droughts. If we act now, we may be able to tell the next generation that when it comes to fighting climate change, we did more in Texas.

Elaine RobbinsAustin

Abbott, Patrick and Paxton Agreement

in misinformation; vote against them

Subject: February 1 letter to the editor, “Conspiracy theories, misinformation prolong the damaging effects of this pandemic” and January 21 letter to the editor, “Confederate Heroes Day does not support aspirations for racial tolerance”.

I agree with the misinformation letter prolonging the adverse effects. We should reject politicians like Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton who contribute to misinformation.

Their doubt in medical science led to 80,000 Texans dying from COVID-19. Their mistrust of climate science led to the deaths of hundreds of Texans during power outages last February. They blamed wind power and did little to prevent future power outages.

They continue to support the former president despite his lies about January 6 and electoral fraud. Patrick offered millions for proof of voter fraud and only found fraud committed by Republicans. They are taking away people’s right to vote, claiming it is to prevent electoral fraud.

I also agree with the letter on Confederate Heroes Day. In 2022, in the United States of America, land of the free, Republican politicians in Texas continue to celebrate the War of Slavery. They are not Lincoln’s Party. Vote them.

Don Hammond, Austin

I wish an all white, all Christian

the nation will never arrive

I have seen an increase in our country in the level of open intolerance towards those who are different in thought or race. We have seen anti-Semitism in Austin very recently, with arson, vandalism and racist graffiti. We have seen a movement against racial minorities, blacks, Hispanics and Asians, manifested in hate speech and violent behavior. Voting rights are hampered in a way that disenfranchises those who are not rich and white.

Some whites fear a United States that is not all-white and all-Christian. This land has never Once been all white and all Christian and it never will be. This land we call home will become less white, more racially and religiously diverse, and better for her. It’s inevitable.

You cannot transform your world to make it all white. Put your hate aside.

Eric Mills, Austin

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