Letter to the Editor: Justification Sought for O’Dell’s Firing | Letters

I’m sorry I missed the county commissioners meeting on Monday. If I had known that the commissioners would be firing Carla O’Dell as superintendent of county roads, I most certainly would have raised my concerns and questions with the board, expecting better justification for their action than what was expressed in the newspaper.

Having worked in management for several years, I have always respected the concerns of the employees in my department. I believe that O’Dell shares this approach with the concerns of its employees and would resolve these issues with the employee(s) or at least explain the rationale for its position.

I am curious to know whether the employees mentioned by Commissioners Micaela Wuehler and Kent Weems have ever discussed their concerns with O’Dell and whether either of these Commissioners raised these concerns with O’Dell prior to the meeting and his dismissal.

During the meeting, Wuehler said she had documents about the employee complaints. I would like to know: Did she share this documentation with O’Dell and/or the other Commissioners or did she just make a random statement at the meeting?

While I haven’t always agreed with O’Dell on his decisions, I’ve always seen his work to maintain county roads in a way that supports county residents while staying within his budget. is provided.

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