Letter: Here’s the problem with Trump’s ‘big lie’ | Letters to the Editor

Regarding “Insurrection prompts change” in the January 5 issue of The Westerly Sun, can the change be to stop calling it “The Big Lie”, and no, “TBL” won’t be enough. “The Big Lie” might be better defined as “The Bigger Lie” and perhaps compete for “The Biggest Lie” honors, but to suggest that this is just a big lie implies that “Mexicans are traffickers of drugs, criminals and rapists” of 2015 and 2020 “Corrupt Joe Biden will wipe out the 401,000” and the more than 30,000 lies told during Trump’s presidency (an average of more than 14 a day) were just cute little white lies.Equally staggering for the President lying to the American people every day more than once every two hours for four straight years, Donald J. Trump is his party’s favorite to capture their nomination in 2024 to try It’s not “Death by Chocolate” but the death of democracy by voter suppression laws (4,400 bills introduced in 49 states in 2021) working overtime and gerrymandered districts that are com work to threaten the existence of our democracy. Isn’t there a law that protects against this exceptionally cruel and unusual punishment?

For years, Black Lives Matter’s comeback has been Blue Lives Matter, but how hypocritically hollow that rings with the senseless devastation of Capitol police wreaked by Trump’s insurgents. The media may have dropped the description of the protest, but more than a year later, justice continues to be served for someone else. Hypocrisy firmly crowded out truth, which joined Liz Cheney as Republican has-beens.

With the 2022 midterm elections just 10 months away and Democrats consistently losing midterms, our state governments in Rhode Island and Connecticut look safe, but swing states, beware, it’s okay get worse before it gets better, with no guarantee that it ever will.

Jay Lustgarten

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