Padhe Bharat Campaign: Padhe Bharat Campaign to Develop Reading Skills

The Padhe Bharat campaign aims to bring reading fluency to first generation learners which started on January 1, 2022. The campaign aims to instill a reading habit in students to help them improve their vocabulary, critical thinking and learning skills. enrich them with creative ideas. The top five books that were recommended for reading are; Atomic Habits by James Clear, Little Book of Happiness by Ruskin Bond, Reflection by Swami Vivekanada, Chilika by KR Ray and Atonement by FM Senapati.

Speaking to Education Times, Bonny Bhansali, director of Green Acers Academy, Mumbai, which will start implementing this program from January 10, said: “The Padhe Bharat campaign would help first generation learners in their providing exposure to an environment to master reading English and other regional languages ​​even when they are at home. Thanks to this campaign, the pupils will also develop a taste for the English language which will be a motivating factor for them.


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Last year, in July, we organized a Language and Literacy Week for all of our students and planned activities to develop English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. It is a good thing that this campaign is focusing on the students of the preparatory classes for the VIII class as these are the formative years to develop the language skills of the students. Consistency and consistency of reading over 100 days will lead to a solid linguistic base. Reading promotes creativity, vocabulary, critical thinking, and if carefully aligned with several focused thinking activities, it will have maximum positive impact. “The ability to read is a springboard for mastering spoken English. For example, having students interpret how the character feels when reading a particular book or even predict what will happen next in the story. This activates their curiosity which serves the very purpose of teaching. We plan to share an article on the Google class on the Ministry of Education’s Padhe Bharat initiative and will also share a list of recommended books, ”he adds.

Kuldeep Singh, Principal of Government Boys Senior Secondary School (GBSSS) Number 1, Adarsh ​​Nagar, says: “First generation learners have difficulty identifying alphabets and words. Teachers remain focused on completing the curriculum and content that has been written in the textbook without developing students’ reading skills.

Shanti Krishnamurthy, Director of the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust Education Cell, Coimbatore, said: “We will implement this initiative in all of our schools. Reading is a progressive pastime that enhances creativity, sensitivity and imagination. This habit is best formed during the elementary years in a student’s life.

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