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Guy, mask

I have just returned from Germany. In each business and restaurant, they asked us for identification, proof of vaccination and a mask. And they sold things.

Many here claim that this is an unnecessary burden or inconvenience. Standing man. Hide yourself.

Bill Ladies


Too little, too late

This summer, the state passed a law committing to producing all of the state’s electricity from clean, renewable sources. However, only 35% of the energy used in Oregon is used to generate electricity.

What about the transport? What about heating and industry? Most of our carbon emissions are not used to generate electricity, which is already largely renewable, but for other purposes.

While it is good that we are moving to sustainable electricity, it is still not enough if we are to move away from the current course, where multiple catastrophes like the Almeda fire or the blackout in Texas are raging. across the country every year. I’ve been hearing about the inevitable consequences of climate change since I was a child and the urgency with which we must respond, and yet the government continued to fail to respond until recently, doing what it does best by promising too little, too late.

That’s why I urge you to take action, attend city council meetings and state hearings, reach out to environmental groups to volunteer and donate, and whatever you do: don’t wait for another. Almeda before answering, because the situation is not improving. better anytime soon without massive action from ordinary people.

David Teague


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