Constant worry about when the branch will break

Put money here
Here’s a suggestion for the government – drop the plan to demolish the 20-year-old Anzac Hall in Canberra and cancel the proposed $ 500 million to extend the Australian War Memorial. Budget savings could be redirected towards supplying the population with rapid antigenic tests. There might even be money left.
Beverley Campbell, Castlemaine

Degrees of importance
Why is there so much coverage from Novak Djokovic? He behaves like a spoiled and spoiled kid. And if he’s a sports star, is he more worthy than any other human being? Is her own sense of ego our job to keep stroking? There are more important things to occupy thinking minds.
Nicola Katherine, Cheltenham

Confused in those days
Thanks to Sean Kelly (Commentary, 10/1) for highlighting the current atmosphere: oscillating between anxiety, vigilance and guarded indifference. It is reassuring that I am not alone in my dismay.
Joe Wilder, North Caulfield

Dutton’s mistaken view
Given the Morrison government’s dismal response to mistreatment of women, you would have thought it would try to keep a low profile on the subject. Not Peter Dutton however, he has floundered in the argument accusing Australian celebrities of not publicly supporting tennis player Peng Shuai (″ ⁣ Minister takes aim at celebrity silence on women in China ″ ⁣, 10 / 1). If Mr Dutton is to tackle abuse, maybe he could start in his own party or maybe he could tackle the issue of refugees, some locked up for almost a decade for committing no crime.
Ross Hudson, Mount Martha

Or maybe it isn’t
Some Australian women’s rights activists are unable to fully support Peter Dutton in highlighting the treatment of women in China.
Claiming, as Blair Williams of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership does, that Australia must “get her own house in order before she lectures others” implies that only nations with a perfect human rights record. man can never comment on the practices of other nations. Further, Williams’ reference to Parliament’s toxic work culture seems an unnecessary distraction from the scale of the problems in China the defense minister is referring to.
All Australian women’s rights advocates, regardless of national political differences, should be ready to support Mr Dutton’s appeal.
Rod Wise, Surrey Hills

Irony galore
Oh the irony: Peter Dutton urges celebrities and athletes to call attention to China’s treatment of women. What about its own government’s treatment of women (and men) in detention, for example, the woman Biloela and her two daughters.
Anne Smith, Dookie

Shameless man
Isn’t Peter Dutton ashamed? How can he criticize China for its treatment of women when he should first address the treatment of women in parliament and in the defense forces.
Dean Virgin, Strathmore

Where are the men ?
Peter Dutton, it’s not just “feminists in the West” who should pay more attention to women’s rights in China. Men and especially leaders should lead the outcry and outcry. To be safe is a woman’s right and the responsibility rests with all of us, feminists are tired of being the gatekeepers of the standards that men should follow.
Robyn Stonehouse, Camberwell

Prime Minister of Trump
From the number of letters, it appears that a lack of government leadership is at the heart of our woes. From the chaos of COVID to the Djokovic debacle, it seems the Prime Minister has drawn the curtains and decided to just take a break from the duties and responsibilities expected of him. With each passing day he reminds me a little more of a Trumpian-style head of state: he wanted the title, the power, and constant media attention, but as for the job itself, has little interest or ability to do the actual work. obligatory.
Joyce Boucher, Williamstown

Stop them
Chris Sidoti (Commentary, 10/1) brilliantly summed up the irresponsibility of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet in their handling of vaccinations and children. In any other workplace, they would be dismissed for incompetence.
Ian Todd, Léongatha

Not the best of times
It’s no one’s fault, but schools are petri dishes at the best of times. These are not the best times. The start of the school year should not be a victim of political interests and should be undertaken in full accordance with the public health advice of the time. No half-measures, no ambiguity.
Claire Merry, Wantirna

Character test
Give me the final session of the fifth day of the enthralling Sydney Test raffle against all BBL circus games. From bowling hand grenades to English tail ends with every outfield within two yards of heroic English hitters made for striking viewing. There were fast bowling veterans Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad who saved the game with their sticks uncertain, not the ball. A test of character, determination and self-confidence. Bring Hobart!
Nick Toovey, Beaumaris

Limit alcohol
Darshak Mehta (10/1) bemoans the racist, abusive and generally shameful behavior of some predominantly young and drunken cricket men. While eliminating racism and stupidity is a long and difficult project, it would be quite simple to limit the alcohol that fuels them by limiting the sale of alcohol to lunch and tea breaks and allowing only two purchases at a time per anybody.
Rosemary Kiss, Rippleside

I can’t close the door
What does “freedom” look like when people all around are suffering from COVID? Answer: People less willing to take the risk of visiting public places and a less productive economy. It is too late to close the door.
Robert Edmonds, Diamond Creek

Home education
It is incorrect to say that Victorian children missed 200 days of schooling (Editorial, 10/1). They were home schooled with the support of teachers and caregivers during lockdowns. Students who needed to go to school could. The dangers of catching the virus for teachers and students must be at the fore in any parent’s decision to send their child to school.
Julie Carrick, Leopold

Simple answer
In the case of Novak Djokovic’s medical exemption, Judge Anthony Kelly asked, “What more could he have done? The answer to this question is that he could have been vaccinated and avoided all this dilemma.
James O’Keefe, East Melbourne


When the Queen observed the law to sit alone at her husband’s funeral, why should Novak Djokovic be given a special privilege?
Alastair Pritchard, Templestowe

A breathtaking hypocrisy by Peter Dutton calling on celebrities to support tennis player Peng Shuai in China as refugees remain held for years in the ″ ⁣Djokovic ″ ⁣ hotel in Melbourne.
Dick Davies, Warrandyte North

Fortunately, Serbia does not have nuclear submarines.
Bernd Rieve, Brighton

A balls right up!
Rob Ward, Tyers Lake Beach

After listening to Djokovic’s dad speak, for once, I can say that Scott Morrison came out “smacked”.
Greg Oates, Ruisseau Huon

Fortunately, Novak Djokovic learned during his stay at The Park hotel that fame and money aren’t everything.
Margaret Sullivan, North Caulfield

England saved a draw. They can now consider the Ashes tour a success.
Les Aisen, Elsternwick

Any chance Scott Boland also plays tennis?
Joan Segrave, Healesville

An exciting five-day match against the Ashes. Thanks, bad weather and Usman Khawaja.
Meg Biggs, Kew East

in addition
Scott Morrison – all in smoke and mirrors – commonly known as Smoko.
Annie Young, Junortoun

I’m playing with a conspiracy theory that Scott Morrison was tasked with weakening the Federation. By this measure, he is doing an excellent job.
Michael Puck, Maffra

There always seems to be money for weaponry. There are much more urgent matters on which $ 3.5 billion for tanks could be better spent.
Greg Bardin, Altona North

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