Letters to the Editor – January 8, 2022


I would like to thank the Mission Fund and also the benefactors for the generous sum of money (3,500 €) for the poor and also the intentions of mass.

I would also like to thank the public for their support for the Mission Fund and encourage them to continue to help us through them. Donations can be made online or by direct bank transfer to one of the following accounts: HSBC (Account number: 061 197 448 050), BOV (Account number: 163 007 980 19), APS (Account number: account 200 008 207 62) or BANIF (account number: 000 879 631 01). Further information is available on the website: www.missionfund.org.mt.

Rest assured that whatever we give will be given to us a hundredfold, as the good Lord has promised us. Also know that you will always be in our prayers.

Thank you for your generosity and may the Lord bless you always.

Fr. Angel Falzon, OFM – La Paz, Honduras

Our life status for 2022

When our wounds cry out to us: “You are of little account; you are worth nothing; you will never be loved as you want “God answers us by telling us:” I love you as you are. Your littleness does not scare me, your faults do not disturb me. I have become small for you. To be your God, I became your brother. Dear brother, dear sister, do not be afraid of me. Find in me your measure of greatness. I am close to you and I ask only one thing: trust me and open your heart to me.

Can we make it our life status for 2022?

Father Mario Attard, OFM Cap – Marsa

Link between hashish and assassinations

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John Anthony Zammit, in his letter (December 31), seeks an unlikely link between hashish consumption and assassination, citing patchy literature mentioning the figure of Hasan Al-Sabah, and even drawing a tenuous parallel with modern suicide bombers.

Many readers are actually familiar with this medieval figure from Ubisoft’s popular video game Assassin’s Creed, which was, in turn, based on the obscure but excellent Slovenian 1938 novel Alamut by Vladimir Bartol.

It details how the first known organized cult of killers were allegedly indoctrinated by Al-Sabah with a trick by which they are indeed heavily drugged with cannabis (as Zammit rightly points out) before being led away.

in a hidden garden where a number of real women await them to give them a taste of the carnal pleasures that await them in their anticipated version of the afterlife if they die martyrs for the sake of Sabah.

What Zammit lacks in his bizarre search for a ‘link’ between assassination and cannabis is that the real link and factor that drove the Hashishins and modern suicide bombers to commit their crimes is not. drugs but religious faith.

Justin Zahra – Safi

In his letter of January 5, in response to mine of December 31, Albert Cilia Vincenti missed the woods of the trees.

In my letter, I did not use the word murder anywhere because, in criminology, there is a distinction between murder and assassination. In the case of a murder, the perpetrator and the victim usually know each other, unless it is a random murder, and the motive is one of those mentioned in Cilia Vincenti’s letter. In the assassination, the killer and the victim are complete strangers, and the motive may be money or belief. To keep it simple for readers, Aldo Moro was not assassinated by Brigate Rosse but assassinated.

In more than 50 years of knowledge of criminology, I can assure Cilia Vincenti that people take all kinds of substances and alcohol to overcome their inhibitions and that cannabis is not an exclusion in this case. I may be an old fanatic, but I maintain that drugs should be used only for medical purposes and not for recreation.

I do not intend to enter into a controversy with Cilia Vincenti and so this is my last letter on the subject and I write it as a clarification.

John Antony Zammit – San Ä wann

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