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See where we are see you in three years

These days, the “It’s Your Call” attacks on President Biden are unfair and baseless. In the 1990s, we had a strong economy. We did not have a budget deficit under President Clinton. We had a multibillion dollar surplus. Then came September 11 under the Bush presidency. We declared war on Iraq when the culprit was Osama bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian.

Under Bush, the mortgage and banking industries were allowed to cheat the American taxpayer. The war in Iraq continued and Afghanistan was involved, costing us many military deaths and billions of dollars more. The auto industry, with the exception of Ford Motor Co., needed help.

When President Obama was elected, Bin Laden was attacked and executed. The banking and mortgage sectors were properly regulated. Our nation has prospered. President Obama made a mistake, however, in continuing the war in Afghanistan.

Then came Donald Trump. Our budget deficit has more than tripled. The Afghan war continues. Trump has become a great divider and turned the nation into a mess. Trump has played down COVID. He ignored the advice of scientists by not wearing a mask and laughing at those who did. Trump rounded it off with acts of treason. Does January 6 ’21’ mean anything to you?

Enter President Biden. He had to pick up the pieces and do his best to bring our country back to normal. Biden hasn’t even been in office for a year. And yet, the Nancy Negatives continue their criticism. In my book, they are wrong. Let’s see where our nation is in three years.

John Ray Hoffman, Saint-Joseph

Donate books and clothes

In a quest to help ameliorate some of the circumstances of yet more American tragedies. Sadly, we have children shot, stabbed and killed on our streets. Both bad guys and good guys have easy access to guns and can make gun smoke.

Politicians strive to appear in fancy costumes and dresses on television networks and social media platforms that appeal to their donors to keep them in their place.

They all agree not to come up with rational immigration policies, consistent access to the voting booth, an enhanced minimum standard for the care of our elderly, an agreed policy to deal with the COVID scourge.

They agree to maintain a huge, inflated military budget and policies that enhance and promote the interests of yacht clubs everywhere.

There is an absolute understanding on both sides of the political aisle that improving preschool education pays huge societal dividends. The need is now, now, now – not later.

In our community, we can take small steps with or without the permission or consent of leaders in Washington, DC, Jefferson City, Buchanan County, or City Hall.

Among those of us who are blessed beyond measure, many of us have beautiful children’s books sitting on dusty shelves or in boxes in the basement or in cupboards – books waiting for children. young readers to read or read.

There are empty shelves at The Salvation Army, Bartlett Center, and Head Start sites. While you are looking for books in your closet, remember that there are families out there who would love to find clean winter clothes on the shelves of our local thrift stores and clothing closets.

Mitch Jameson, Saint-Joseph

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