New design doesn’t eliminate library objections – Santa Cruz Sentinel

Don Lane’s tongue-in-cheek editorial urges those opposed to a relocated library / garage / housing project to ditch because, according to Mr Lane, the new design eliminates all objections.

Barely. Ignored is the constituency of the locals, including myself, who strongly oppose ending the historic location of the library in the civic center of the town hall and civic auditorium. This feeling of belonging is deeply felt. It cannot be considered as nostalgia. We would not have voted for Measure S if the relocation had been direct and not buried in the fine print.

Mr. Lane paints a rosy picture of low-income households, working people and seniors moving into affordable housing. However, “affordable” makes little sense in the real world. The low income test is someone who earns $ 74,000 per year and whose rents are tied to that number. This excludes most working people and low income families who will be competing with students. Let the community vote.

– Gillian Greensite, Santa Cruz

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