Letters to the editor for Monday, December 20, 2021

Naples Pier fishing rules are not helpful

No fishing on Sundays at the pier is ridiculous. It is then that families can fish, fathers and their children.

I heard there would be no Wednesday. As for the ban on fishing at night, that does not help the pelicans. They sleep in the trees at night.

The new candidates and the current members of the city council all say they want to preserve the quality of life in our unique community. This decision does not do that.

Susan H. Earl, Naples

Retention of physicians to NCH

I know NCH gets high marks for medical care, but someone should be measuring it for physician retention. I might be an exception, but I’m now on my third GP in five years here. And this week, I was told by text that my cardiologist under a year old was leaving. No reason is ever given, but I don’t think they moved or retired. In fact, the encrypted messages I get from NCH don’t thank their service or location if I need to find them. Something is wrong.

It is very convenient to be in a network where information is easily shared between doctors. But now I’m wondering if it’s not my turn to leave NCH.

Tom Marquardt, Naples

Christmas magic and nostalgia

The magic of Christmas is a concept that can escape the sophisticated. Life sometimes conditions those of us “on the dark side of the 40s” to view Christmas’ hustle and bustle with irritation or indifference.

The overt commercialism of vacations is sometimes less appealing. It’s a state of mind that I think we would all like to move further away from.

But, we need to balance the business side of Christmas with the ecstatic smile of a little kid who just spoke to Santa or wrote a hopeful letter to the North Pole. There are indeed “visions of sugared almonds” which swirl deliciously in their little heads.

The flood of emotions that surrounds us each Christmas is a tidal wave of memories. Visions of mom and dad, family and friends from the past float through our heads like fleeting visions in a scene from Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”. Thoughts of a younger, more carefree self give us pause to nostalgically reflect on the magic of a yesterday now, a long time ago and a long way ago. There are some regrets for those who are no longer with us, but the pain is softened by time, fades into memory in a soft, hazy glow.

Our warmest wishes to all of you for a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. And, as Tiny Tim’s character said, in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, “God bless us, everyone.”

Joseph Xavier Martin, Estero

Uncontrolled political power

Democrats’ control over Congress allows President Pelosi and Chief Schumer to abandon the legislative process and write bills in secret, stifle debate and prevent minority amendments. This allows corruption to emerge especially when you have a complicit president.

Build Back Better (BBB), President Biden’s signing legislation, is a prime example where the political agenda drives the process. It was written in President Pelosi’s office and included $ 200 million for the Presidio Trust which encompasses the Presidio Golf Course, located in the affluent Pelosi district. Residents contributed $ 20 million to Democrats in 2020 alone. Is that a refund?

The BBB bill provides for a tax credit of $ 12,500 for the purchase of a union-made electric car. The largest electric car maker in the United States is Tesla, where employees have rejected attempts to organize. Tesla buyers will not be eligible for the tax credit. Tesla also intends to move from Democrat-controlled California to Republican Texas. Is this a democratic retaliation?

BBB has billions for anonymous community organizations that promote “community engagement and civic infrastructure”. Is this a back door to nationalized elections? Are the elections going to be manipulated like the corrupt bosses of big cities did years ago?

State legislatures have a committee process that encourages open debate before bills are voted on. The totalitarian power shown by Democrats in Congress today was not the intention of our Founding Fathers. Bills should be bipartisan, in the best interests of citizens, and not used for political exploitation. Voters must clean up this swamp or lose our republic!

Frank Mazur, Fort Myers

Trump should face the consequences

Benoît Arnold. Aaron Burr. James Wilkinson. History remembers these men for who they were. Traitors. Recent history adds another. Donald Trump.

Trying to overthrow our government is an act of treason. Think about January 6.

Soliciting foreign countries to interfere in our elections is an act of sedition. Think of Russia, China, and Ukraine.

Pressuring states to change election results is an act of sedition. Think of Georgia.

To side with our adversaries to the detriment of our intelligence community is also a betrayal. Think of Putin in Helsinki.

Whether it was out of arrogant incompetence or on purpose (I suspect both), Trump and all those who conspired with him to undermine American democracy should face the harshest punishment for their actions. Think prison. Think about exile.

Kevin Shanosky, Naples

True Patriots Will Protect the Right to Vote

The clock is turning. The hazard warning lights flash. Our democracy is on life support and we, as guardians, must wake up!

The recent emphasis on climate change legislation, infrastructure (BBB), education and other key issues is appropriate, but the vital, if not existential, issue of voting rights and safe and fair elections was put aside in the process.

Wake up Americans! Our country is slipping into fascism. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, in the past year, 19 states have passed 33 laws to make voting more difficult. The new mantra of Republican-led state legislatures is, “If you’re black, brown, young, disabled, poor, or LGBTQ, we’ll do all we can to make it harder for you to vote in 2022 and 2024.”

Even more chilling: “If we don’t like the election result, we will reverse the results so that our candidate wins!”

Our country is slipping into fascism. With the exception of brave Democrats and Republicans like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, we have cowardly Senators and Representatives who backed a violent insurgency that would have cast the voices of millions of Americans!

Our only hope is the passage of the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. If we care about saving the country we love, we had better stand up and contact the senators and representatives and do all we can to get this law passed. This is what the true patriots will do!

Jeanne Goldberg, Bonita Springs

“User-friendly” solutions still elusive

Decades ago, as a newbie to the computer industry, I learned a basic principle. Technicians would describe and describe at length the “user-friendly” solution to your problem. When they produced it it was incomprehensible and did not solve my problem. Since then, as we have reached higher and higher technological plateaus and are now 60 years down the road from my first job, I find nothing has changed.

I can’t tell anyone about the much-vaunted concept of “personal service” that we have heard so much about. No air contact, no communication contact, incredibly complex systems (we don’t recognize your password). Have you tried hiring a new TV streaming service? Modify a plane reservation? Change a password? Change credit card?

Cynical? You bet, but some days I’m happy to be near the end. God forbid, I should try to change my cremation plan.

Charlie Berry, Naples

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