“Two incomplete questions, one outside the program”

Check the analysis of the English CBSE Class 10 paper

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CBSE Class 10 Analysis in English 2021: Students who took the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) class 10 English exam on Saturday 11 December found questions 13 and 14 incomplete. According to the students, in section A, part II, no questions were asked and the options only have statements. According to Anand Mohan, a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, “Questions 13 and 14 were a bit confusing as they only contain four statements and no questions are asked. , and candidates must depend on CBSE for the correct options in the answer key. Overall, the article was difficult and confusing, except for the parts of Section B (grammar) which were just noting. “

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Another student, Mitali Ahuja from Kendriya Vidyalaya, said: “The questions were easy, but there were a lot of problems in the paper. Aside from questions 13 and 14, which were completed without questions, the options in section C – Literature were delicate, and close to each other. “

Madhu Malik, Director, Modern DPS, Faridabad analyzed the paper a bit difficult for average students, with a higher level of difficulty. Analyzing by section, the principal said: “Section A (reading) was a bit tricky, questions 13 and 14 were incomplete. Section B (grammar) was easy and graded, but question 22 was boxed from conditional conditions that were out of schedule, and there were punctuation errors in the question. In section C (Literature) – the questions were easy but the options were tricky. ” We can expect an average score of around 30, the principal added.

Deepti Sawhney, Dean of Innovation at Silverline Prestige School in Ghaziabad, said: “It was a standard document filled with good logical and conceptual understanding, especially for the literature and writing part. found it very similar to the sample documents they practiced.The main error in the document was question # 13 and question 14 as there were no questions but there were only options. “

Geeta Khokhran, TGT English, VidyaGyan School, Bulandshahr found the document long and confusing. According to the teacher, “the questionnaire was long, filled with wording questions. The options were quite confusing in the reading section. There were grammatical errors in the literature section as well as structural anomalies. In questions 13 and 14, options were provided without questions. Overall, it was not a balanced document. “

Seema Behl, principal of the Brain International School, analyzed the moderately easy document with higher utterance and assertion questions in terms of difficulty level. “The general instructions led to ambiguity as they did not conform to the question-specific instructions. Statements were missing in questions 13 and 14. Overall, this was a balanced questionnaire.”

CBSE will publish the paper answer key for Class 10 in English once teachers have uploaded the OMR sheets to the CBSE portal. The examination takes place for the first time on OMR sheets. For more details on the CBSE board exams, please visit the website-cbse.nic.in.

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