Letters: We need a Christmas miracle in the fight against COVID; We only pretend to care about health

We need a Christmas miracle

This Christmas we need more than a little magic, we need a Christmas Miracle. COVID-19 has caused record levels of death and pain in our state. We must unite into one Maine to prevent further illness and death. In my mind, losing one more Mainer to COVID-19 is one too many. This is why I have been vaccinated three times and wear a mask in public. I owe you nothing less. No matter where you live or who you voted for, we need to find a way to get all of our friends, neighbors and loved ones vaccinated with this CDC-approved and proven vaccine.

We all understand what’s going on. It’s simple math and daily news. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 and six times more likely to catch the disease (CDC). In addition, this decision places us all unfairly in danger of illness and death. This is especially true for our senior residents (maybe you, your parents or grandparents) and those with chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes (maybe you, or more than likely, someone). one you love and cherish). Not to mention the totally irresponsible burden and risks imposed on professionals whose lives are devoted to protecting our health and safety.

We lose twice as many Americans every day to COVID-19 than the daily deaths we suffered in the Civil War, World War I, and World War II combined. Dear God, what will it take for each of us to see the light?

It is not a political or geographic game. It is an unnecessary and tragic fight between life and death, with the risk of losing more and more every day. I can only pray that a miracle will happen as we safely come together at the holiest time of the year to celebrate life. It’s time to become a Maine, under God, and indivisible in the fight against COVID-19.

Glenn Michaels,

We only pretend to care about health

The cartoon that appears on the opinion page of the Dec. 7 edition of The Times Record may be one of the most revealing statements to ever appear in The Times Record.

While much of the country is still controversial over abortion and women’s rights while ignoring what is really needed for a truly healthy environment – an environment conducive to life in general – most people ignore it. male responsibility for procreation.

The responsibility becomes that of the female who is only one more symptom of the real contempt for life while placing the males in the proverbial dominant and exceptional position.

Who should take responsibility for birth control is something that is not discussed frequently these days. However, there isn’t much being discussed these days like birth control. Most people just blindly follow whoever is screaming the loudest.

Then there is the fate of the unwanted child. Well, on some level the poor child feels this, has a hunch about it, although intellectually the child may not have the capacity to verbalize what he is feeling and experiencing. This is the start of the sadness and perhaps this detail contributes to the cause of the drug problems and the record number of suicides in the United States today among young people.

The cartoon held the man accountable, however, in reality, most of us know that is not true. The inequality that exists today manifests itself in so many forms, and is truly one of the real emergencies of our time. Colds, flu, pneumonia are nothing new.

The turmoil that has manifested itself in so many forms in the United States has nothing to do with a virus. Social problems have been around for a very long time and are becoming exponentially the real health problem. African Americans, indigenous peoples have long known what the average citizen of today still does not begin to understand.

What does he say about a people who poison the air, water, soil, food systems every day? Rachael Carson warned us in 1962. We haven’t learned anything yet! And we claim to be concerned about health.

Joseph Ciarroca,

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