Fortuna students share thank you letters with hospital staff – Times-Standard

Healthcare workers at Fortuna’s Providence Redwood Memorial Hospital received special recognition last week from students attending two elementary schools in Fortuna.

Staff of the Providence Redwood Memorial. (Submitted)

After school on Thursday, September 30, accompanied by school principal Norman G. Ambrosini, Amy Betts, seven students from the school came to the hospital to express their appreciation to the staff.

“Our entire school from TK 335 to fourth graders made ‘lifeguard’ posters, cards, books, pictures and candles with notes for the staff at Redwood Memorial Hospital,” Betts said. . “Our school would like to express our gratitude to the nurses, doctors and all other staff at Redwood Memorial Hospital for the care they provide to our community, especially during these difficult times.”

The students at Walker Elementary School also gave special thanks to the staff at Redwood Memorial Hospital.

A close-up of notes to staff. (Submitted)

“It brought tears to our eyes,” said Roberta Luskin-Hawk, MD, general manager of Providence in Humboldt County. “The cards are full of joy, creativity and love. These amazing students have come to both the Redwood Memorial and St. Joseph’s Hospital to thank our caregivers and we are so moved by this amazing act of kindness.

Also last week, students from Alice Birney School in Eureka gave a similar presentation to staff at Providence St. Joseph Hospital. Students handed out cards and banners to brighten up caregivers’ day at Eureka Hospital.

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