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Looking for new reading choices this fall? Here are some good choices for young readers.

“E” is for the Eucharist: a Catholic ABC

Written by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Illustrated by Anna-Maria Crum

TAN, 2021

36 pages, $ 16.95

From “Ashes” to “Zucchetto”, this colorful alphabet book is full of what makes us who we are as Catholic Christians. The daily (N for Narthex) to the sublime (E for Eucharist) finds a house between his blankets. The rhyming text makes it particularly appealing to young readers (“Incense – Sweet scents raise supplications to God above / Jesus – King Redeemer who died for love ”). There is a richness and complexity in homemade fine art papers that are digitized and reshaped into bold, lifelike illustrations of what we hold dear in our faith. 3-6 years.

Brother Lorenzo pretzels: prayer and the Holy Trinity

Written by Cornélie Marie Bilinsky

Illustrated by Jean-Joseph

Pauline, 2019

40 pages, $ 12.95

Brother Lorenzo finds a fun way to teach children about the Holy Trinity. Using the leftover bread dough, he rolls it into a long, thin cord and makes a circle. By twisting and pulling the ends, he shapes the dough into the special baked goodies we know today as pretzels. Holding one of the pretzels and tracing each of its holes, Elder Lorenzo explains that there is one God but three people in God. A tasty treat and a memorable lesson, accompanied by a recipe. 4-8 years old.

Grandmother taught me to love Mary (Mi Abuela Me Enseñó a Amar a la Virgen Maria)

Written and illustrated by Jennifer Marte Molina and Vanessa Garrido Mansilla

Magnificat / Ignatius, 2019

32 pages, $ 4.99

Faith is powerful when it is shared between generations. In this simple book, a child tells about the many ways her grandmother taught her to love Mary. From prayers to pilgrimages and May coronations to Mary’s Gardens, this little book shows tangible ways to show faith and love. The short text is presented in English and Spanish, which adds to its appeal. 3-7 years.

The stormy night of the monks

Written by Sylvie Dorham

Illustrated by Christophe Tupa

TAN, 2017

34 pages, $ 14.95

The monks of the Archangel Monastery made all the necessary preparations for the coming storm. What can go wrong? All! Things go from bad to worse as the furnace goes out, the pipes freeze, the phone doesn’t work and the electricity goes out. What will they do? The lyrical text tells of the monks’ initial patience, which diminishes as their lives become colder and uncomfortable: “The monks listen. / The monks eat. / The monks move their frozen feet. “The monks chop. The monks shoot./ The monks do not feel the love of God at all. But, through it all, the Father Abbot is there to encourage them and push them to move forward with a benevolent and inspiring tone. The story of the perseverance of the monks and the reminders of God’s undying love are powerful themes. The captivating illustrations and fun, fast-paced text make for a well-told story. 3-8 years old.

Saint Joseph watches over my family

Written by Sabine du Mesnil

Illustrated by Hengjing Zang

Magnificat, 2021

56 pages, $ 13.99

Children will become better friends with Saint Joseph by knowing who he is, what they can learn from him, as well as prayers and stories about this holy guardian of Jesus. The three parts of this book aim to do just that. Readers are encouraged to convey their intentions, concerns and joys through prayer to Saint Joseph. Convenient ways for children to follow in Saint Joseph’s footsteps are given. For example, make a pilgrimage to a church dedicated to Saint Joseph, help their families in small ways, and take moments of silence to hear the Lord better. Stories of miracles performed through the intercession of this holy saint will inspire children (and their adults). Excellent choice as we celebrate the year of Saint Joseph. 7 years and over.

Jesus, savior of the world

Written by Mary Evangelina Monge, FSP

Illustrated by Mary Rojas, FSP

Pauline, 2019

14 pages, $ 12.95

Jesus, Savior of the world, the last logbook of the trilogy of the Holy Family, joined Mary, Mother of Jesus and Joseph, Guardian of the Holy Family. In simple and loving language, the story begins with the Presentation (“It is the child who will save us.”) And ends with the Ascension and the conclusion (“Jesus saved us from our sins. He has saved us. really like. “). Children learn about the love Jesus had for his parents, his disciples, and those he healed. “The heart of Jesus is full of love for everyone” is the perfect message for the little ones. 1-5 years old.

It is the church

Written by Katie warner

Illustrated by Meg whalen

TAN, 2020

24 pages, $ 16.95

During a visit to a cathedral, a little girl discovers the story of God’s saving love through its majestic stained glass windows. More than simple pieces of glass in the tones of assembled jewels, each one tells a story, starting with the rose window representing Christ the King (“It is Christ Jesus, our Savior and King, who died then rose again and founded the Church, the Catholic Church, share the love of God with the world. ”). The sun passing through the large remaining windows traces the story of the apostles’ salvation to Adam. The little girl learns that she too plays a role in sharing God’s love with the world. 3-6 years.

The Crawford sisters write from Pittsburgh. All books available on Amazon.

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