ABC Chief Information Officer Gaven Morris Resigns After “Huge Contribution” to Broadcaster | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC chief information officer Gaven Morris resigned after six years at the helm of the company, saying he would not sign a new contract because he wanted to take on a new challenge.

Morris, who founded ABC News in 2010, was appointed news director in 2015 at the age of 43 after starting as a reporter at the age of 20.

“Gaven’s contribution to the ABC has been enormous,” ABC chief executive David Anderson told staff in a surprise email Thursday.

“His strategic vision, dynamism and boundless energy were an integral part of a series of accomplishments, including leading the 2010 launch of the ABC News channel; spearhead ABC News’ ascent to digital excellence; the creation of journalistic centers for ABC surveys and the specialized reporting team; promote News culture of diversity and inclusion; and drive the strategy to make News content and services more relevant to all Australians.

Morris started out as a copier at the then Fairfax newspapers in Canberra in the early 1990s and has a background in 24 hour and international news with appearances on CNN, Al-Jazeera English and Network Ten.

“I have decided not to pursue a new contract at the end of my current contract and have let our general manager David Anderson know that I am looking forward to researching my next challenge,” Morris told the staff.

“I have given David a lot of notice and will continue to serve the ABC for as long as he needs. I will keep you posted on the recruitment process for the next Director over the next few weeks.

It starts off on a high note, ABC News being the number one digital news site for more than a year since it overtook Rupert Murdoch’s

But the success of ABC’s digital news has made it another target for News Corp, which regularly attacks the broadcaster’s journalism at its outlets, especially in Australia.

As Chief Information Officer, Morris is responsible for the country’s largest news gathering workforce: around 1,200 employees across eight newsrooms in the capital, 11 international offices and three meeting rooms. suburban press in Parramatta, Geelong and Ipswich.

Likely internal candidates include Editorial Director Craig McMurtrie and Chief Investigative Journalism John Lyons.

Morris, who turns 50 next year, championed the 50:50 project to “reflect all the diversity of modern Australia” in ABC’s content and workforce.

“Thanks to all of you work, I think we’ve made more progress here in the past five years than in the previous 50 years,” Morris said.

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