Google announces automatic enrollment of 150 million users in its “2-step verification” system by the end of 2021

New Delhi | Jagran Technology Office: Alphabet’s Google has announced that it will automatically activate the two-step verification system for around 150 million users. The tech giant will also need around 2 million YouTube creators to activate the two-step verification system. The automatic activation of the 2SV will be done by the end of the year, the company said.

According to the company, 2-step verification is one of the most reliable ways to prevent unauthorized access to accounts and networks. The company mentioned that the 2SV checks the security of one billion accounts against hackers.

What is two-step validation (2SV)?

Two-step verification is an additional layer of security that prevents identity theft. With the use of 2SV, we can add two steps in the connection process. With 2FA / 2SV, when entering the password to open an app, the user will receive a text message on their personal device with a unique one-time code to verify their identity and open the app. The message can be in the form of text, voice call.

Users can activate their SV by visiting Google accounts, then in the navigation panel click on Security, and under “Sign in to Google” just click on 2-step verification and get started and follow the next instructions.

Two-step verification was initially introduced by the company in May 2021 with the goal of securing the authentication experience and reducing long-term password dependency.

IOS device owners can also use Chrome to auto-fill passwords saved in their other apps, and Google says they’ll soon be able to use Chrome’s password generator tool for any iOS app. . In addition, Google also shared details of its inactive account manager, which aims to better protect digital accounts after people stop using them.

The Inactive Account Manager, available in My Account settings, allows users to determine when an account should be considered inactive, who to notify, and what to share when an account is inactive.

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