10 wild theories about the upcoming game, according to Reddit

Nintendo’s third-person shooter franchise Splatoon is a title that surprises many newcomers with its weird and deep lore. The 4th world war? Human extinction? Ancient omnicidal artificial intelligence? Everything is there, and more. This is why the trailers for the next Splatoon 3 were greeted with such enthusiasm by the fans; not just because of the new gameplay promises, but also the new details about the franchise world.

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The last Splatoon 3 The trailer sent fans into a frenzy of speculation about the game’s setting, upcoming twists and antagonists. These theories range from surprisingly plausible to extremely outlandish, but it’s always thrilling to imagine this. that could come true.

ten DJ Octavio will be a hero

Artwork by DJ Octavio from Splatoon.

DJ Octavio is the Commander-in-Chief of the Octarian Army and antagonist of the original Splatoon, one of the best-selling titles on Nintendo’s WiiU. He appears in the trailer and key art for Splatoon 3 too, but some have speculated that he wouldn’t be so mean this time around.

Some, like Redditor Kabuki-King, hypothesized that “Octavio is coming back as a hero this time”. The trailer shows mammal slime affecting both Octarians and Inklings, so it seems possible that Octavio wants to put his difference aside to face a common threat – at least for now.

9 Mr. Grizz will be the main villain

Mr. Grizz addressing the Splatoon 2 player.

One of the most popular theories surrounding Splatoon 3 is the idea that the mysterious Mr. Grizz will be the main villain of Splatoon 3. Evidence? Grizz is one of the only characters (aside from Judd) involved as a mammal, if not a bear. Moreover, as pointed out by Redditor QueOtherMec1817, “a sound that strangely resembles Mr. Grizz’s laughter” in the last Splatoon 3 trailer.

It is heavily involved in Splatoon 2 that Grizz and his shady troupe are not benevolent actors; on the contrary, he seems to be one of Nintendo’s biggest goofs of villains. If Grizz is a bear, then most theorize that his insatiable appetite for salmonid eggs is just that – appetite. While it is true that he is going to be the antagonist of Splatoon 3, however, it is possible that all of these eggs were collected for an entirely different purpose.

8 The Kamabo Corporation is behind the launch of the rocket

Kamabo Corporations' Deepsea metro, featured in Splatoon 2.

Kamabo Co. was the company that owned and operated the Deepsea Metro in Octo extension. Many suspect it was little more than a front for the nefarious activities of former IA Commander Tartar, and was shut down after his defeat.

However, as one Editor, those with very keen eyes might notice how “Kamabo Co.’s logo looks like the branding” on the launch pad at the end of the last Splatoon 3 trailer. If the Kamabo Corporation is still around, then perhaps the malicious designs of the allegedly deceased Commander Tartar persist in Game 3. A story of Octo extensioncaliber is a feature that fans want to see come back to in Splatoon 3, so that would certainly be intriguing.

7 The Soviets created the original mammals

Splatoon 3 title card, featuring a mysterious rocket.

The Splatoon 3 The title card appears on an image of a snowy rocket launch pad in the latest trailer. For some, namely Redditor cookie_flip, the text appeared to be a calamari version of the Cyrillic alphabet. This, in addition to the fact that the Soviet space program orbiting mammals around Earth, has led some to conclude that the space ancestors of these Soviet test subjects “will return to Earth for Splatoon 3. “

Commentators also noted that the rocket in the trailer bears some resemblance to a Vostok or Soyuz rocket, the two leading launchers of Russian space programs past and present. If this theory ends up being true, it would be one of the most specific links between Splatoonhistory and real human history thus identified.

6 Humans live on the moon

The human statue from the end of the Splatoon 2 Octo expansion.

A record of manned space exploration is well established in Splatoon‘s lore, and Splatoon 3The most recent trailer also includes references to space travel. The rocket depicted in the trailer looks like human technology, and a launch countdown in what looks like English can be heard in the background.

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Evidence like this leads Redditor puFF-octo make the assumption that Splatoon 3Mammals built this rocket to bring humanity back to Earth “because they know that [humans] live on the moon. ”It’s hard to dismiss this theory as there isn’t much evidence to support an Inkling spaceflight case, so there really could be something there.

5 Ark Polaris is back

The Ark Polaris map from Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2 featured a Salmon Run map called “Ruins of Ark Polaris”. In what is one of Splatoon 2many strange secrets, it seems likely that Ark Polaris was intended to be a true ark to evacuate the human survivors from their dying world.

Reddit user ardin points out that “Ruins of Ark Polaris” could refer to “the launch site, not the actual ark,” raising the possibility that Polaris may still be there. Could Polaris come back? Splatoon 3The subtitle of “Return of the Mammals”, which implies they are coming back from somewhere, with space seeming to be the most likely candidate.

4 The Eiffel Tower was destroyed during the flood

The inverted Eiffel Tower in Splatoon 3.

Much of the speculation that ensued after the first Splatoon 3 Trailer centers on the ruins of an overturned Eiffel Tower washed up in the desert, with some suggesting it was the chaotic activities of the Inklings themselves that destroyed it.

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However, the latest trailer shows an image of an Inkling hanging from a tree as what appears to be a flood sweeps through the inverted tower. Editor Animateme007 suggests that the image represents the “flood leading to the Great Territory War”, a conflict that predates the events of Splatoon. The Great Territory War was triggered by a lack of territory due to rising sea levels, so if the land around the Tower is now dry, does that mean the ocean is receding?

3 Commander Tartar is still alive

Splatoon Agent 3 attacks Commander Tartar.

In a long post from a Reddit user The geek, the evidence is assessed in support of the conclusion that although Commander Tartar, the villain of Octo extension, may have been physically destroyed, “its code lives in the goop.” It is argued that Tartar’s body appears to be the goop first and the mechanical components second, and another point is that Pearl’s Killer Wail doesn’t seem to connect directly with it at the climax of the expansion.

If Tartar is still there, it raises serious questions about Splatoon 3‘s “Mammals”. Wasn’t Tartar’s goal in the first place to resuscitate humanity by biochemical means? Is it possible that these “mammals” are the result of his efforts? The challenges of Tartare made Octo extension one of the most notoriously difficult games on the Switch, so if it returns it could mean that a tougher campaign is ahead.

2 Judd ate crispy Sean

Crusty Sean as he appears in Splatoon 2.

Trailers for Splatoon 3 haven’t revealed much about the characters players will encounter in Splatsville – the central area of ​​the new game. It’s clear, however, that the ever-familiar Crusty Sean is nowhere to be found. The helpful crustacean is a recurring presence in the town of Inkling, so it’s a bit odd that none of its establishments are clearly present in the new game.

Reddit user Professional_Ant_315 guess it’s because SplatoonJudd and Li’l Judd’s telepathic immortal cats ate him. Cats certainly love shrimp in real life, but it seems like an exceedingly dark fate for poor Sean. Always, Splatoon is no stranger to weirdly dark twists and turns, so who knows.

1 Each group is actually Weezer

A meme illustrating that in fact, all of Splatoon's bands are just Weezer.

Source: Reddit

Every song on SplatoonThe soundtrack of can be connected to a group in the universe, with little information about its members and their sources of inspiration. Some artists with particularly strange stories, like Dedf1sh, inspire a wave of theories and speculation.

No theory, however, is as bold as the idea that “every band is, in fact, Weezer,” as a meme posted by Redditor illustrates. keewt. Despite the satirical nature of the post, Weezer being a musical influence on Splatoongroups is not impossible. Groups like SashiMori are known to frequently sample ancient human records, so it’s at least conceivable that someone got their hands on an ancient copy of the Green album.

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