Failing to check hi-sec license plates, traffic officers clarify after complaints

As if the towing controversy was not enough, traffic police are now attacking vehicles without high security license plates (HSRP) even if the transport department has not yet mandated them.

Vehicle users take to social media to complain about how traffic police penalize them over HSRP.

The Department of Transportation clarified on Twitter that HSRPs are currently only mandatory for vehicles registered after April 2019 and that it will soon issue a process note on the same requirement for older vehicles.

Traffic Police Chief BR Ravikanthe Gowda also clarified that HSRPs are currently only mandatory for older vehicles. He also clarified that any crackdown on HSRP could only be undertaken by the Department of Transport.

But vehicle users have another story to tell.

This is what one Twitter user said: “I got caught by BTP for not having an IND license plate. Since when is this compulsory? Is there a deadline for the same? No news !

HSRPs are colloquially referred to as IND number plates because they carry the country abbreviation.

Talk to DH, Gowda insisted that his agents only intervene on vehicles with faulty license plates. “We only take action against vehicles that have incorrect, defective or non-standard license plates. Only the Department of Transportation can hold a reader on security license plates (IND). We asked our officers not to take any action against him. ”

The guidelines issued under the Indian Motor Vehicle Act clearly define the license plate, its desired dimensions, font size and visibility. Any deviation from these guidelines is considered faulty or defective, he Gowda.

Fancy names, slogans, images, works of art and letters are also prohibited. The license plate must be clearly displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle, and the content must be in English alphabet and Arabic numerals.

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