10 best spelling apps for your cell phone: say goodbye to mistakes

Say goodbye to misspellings forever with these apps. Try them on Android!

Communication is such an essential aspect these days and that is why it is essential to do it well, from the way we speak, pronounce to the way we write.

In the age of social media, instant messaging apps, emails and more, both on a personal and professional level, good writing is not only important, but essential.

10 best spelling apps for your cell phone: say goodbye to mistakes

If you want to improve your spelling and grammar to express yourself correctly in writing, we have left you with a list of the best Spanish spelling apps absolutely free. So watch them and enjoy them.

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Best apps to learn and improve spelling

  • Learn spelling
  • RAE and ASALE dictionary (DLE)
  • right word
  • spanish spelling
  • Spanish spelling course
  • applauded
  • Spanish grammar and spelling game
  • Spanish spell checker
  • Spell checker: talk and check
  • Learn spelling

Below is a selection of spelling and grammar correction apps suitable for all ages, from youngsters to adults. Just choose the app that works best for you and improve your writing.

Learn spelling

Learn spelling

Good app for learning spelling and pronunciation of words

Spelling Learning is a great app for young children to learn how to spell and pronounce words correctly. Supports over 100 languages, English, Spanish and even French.

Through smart games, help improve your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills while having fun learning. In addition, it contains various tests, memory tests and much more, with which progress can be assessed.

RAE and ASALE dictionary (DLE)

RAE and ASALE dictionary (DLE)

RAE and ASALE (DLE) dictionary: a Spanish cultural institution for learning spelling

The official app of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE) provides access to a completely free dictionary, for advice and information on words in our language.

It is not only a language learning app, but you can also check words, phrases, meanings, spelling functions and everything related to grammar rules for correct verbal and written communication.

right word

Do you want to improve your spelling in a fun way? Show how well you speak Spanish in the right pun. Completely free application, where you have to select the correct word according to each sentence.

It has five different modalities, namely grammar, anecdotes, dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. Additionally, you can choose “Mixed”, where you will have a mix of all categories as a bigger challenge.

spanish spelling

spanish spelling

Spanish spelling: learn instantly from anywhere

Spanish is one of the richest languages ​​in terms of spelling, so knowing its words, grammar and everything related to its correct use is essential and thanks to Spanish spelling you will be able to know everything.

One of the best Spanish spelling apps where you can practice the language through different activities like word highlighting, word classes, verbs, punctuation and more in a fun way.

It is ideal for all ages, as it has different difficulty levels that adapt to the needs of each user. Best of all, aside from being completely free, it works offline, so you don’t have to worry about having the internet to improve your grammar.

Spanish spelling course

Spanish spelling course

Spanish Spelling Course: Learn the Basics of Spelling

This Spanish spelling course is a great language learning app, integrating all the essential aspects of Spanish grammar, for better reading, comprehension, writing and written communication.

Learn or revise all the rules of spelling, usages, customs, rules of punctuation, emphasis, grammar, synonyms and antonyms, among others. Although it does need an internet connection to function properly, this is not a limitation for improving your grammar.


Who says playing can’t be learned? A good example is Apalabrados, a fun game in which you have to form words by accessing your vocabulary to defeat your opponents.

The idea is to combine letters to form words, earn points and achieve victory. However, you must consider that it must be spelled correctly, otherwise it will not be valid.

Herein lies the importance of grammatical knowledge that helps you formulate sentences correctly. It’s a great option to expand your vocabulary without the need for a dictionary, and most importantly, while having fun.

Spanish grammar and spelling game

Spanish grammar and spelling game

Spanish spelling and spelling game: a fun way to learn

Continuing fun games and learning, this app corrects spelling and grammar and will also help you deepen your word knowledge, highlighting and correcting spelling, synonyms and antonyms.

In this Spanish grammar and spelling game, you will have to solve challenges, complete sentences and many other activities, choosing the correct word according to the context of the situation. It’s a lot of fun and educational, so you will easily get used to it.

Spanish spell checker

Spanish spell checker

Spanish spell checker: an easy way to find and correct words

There were times when we didn’t all know how to write a word and wanted to know the right way to do it. Hence, the Spanish spell checker is the perfect solution.

This is a Spanish spelling app that will help you avoid making spelling or grammar mistakes when writing any text, ideal for professionals, students, or anyone who wants to improve their written communication .

Spell checker: talk and check

The spell checker speaks and checks

Speak and correct your spelling

Similar to the previous app, this spell checker – Speak & Check helps you correct spelling. Functional for English and Spanish, just say the word you want to see and the app will give you the correct answer.

He is able to understand and analyze any word or phrase, so that the results are completely accurate and correct. You can also put paragraphs and check for errors to resolve them. Simple, easy and very effective.

Learn spelling

Learn spelling

Learn spelling: choose the right option, complete the word and more

Finally, Learn Spelling is a free spelling and grammar correction app with over 10,000 questions and over 500 quizzes that will help you easily improve your spelling.

Plus, you’ll be able to review grammar and spelling, improve spelling, simulate exams, and more, all in one app. A very comprehensive and easy to use option that you will love.

With all these apps for learning spelling using your mobile phone, you will have no problem improving oral and written communication, making it easier to understand and understand the language as you express yourself. Try them outside!

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