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HYDERABAD: Dr Swetha, mother of three, is not at all worried about not being able to put her son in daycare due to the ongoing pandemic. She wants him to “be fair” and learn what he wants.

“Due to this pandemic, we were thinking about what can be done so that my son does not miss his early learning stages. We researched, talked to people and discovered early childhood education practices. It’s fun and engaging and thanks to it my son easily learned the English alphabet, rhymes, names of things, colors, colors, manners and other basics. We will continue with this format this year until the schools reopen and we are comfortable sending it, ”said the proud mom.

Early education has found many takers in the city during the pandemic. In this format, the child does not attend formal education until the age of five, sometimes even eight. They have the freedom to learn whatever they want and explore their creativity. This format was even endorsed by actor Samantha in a video posted recently on her Instagram page. “What you learn at age five stays with you for the rest of your life,” she says in the video.

Like Swetha, Y Sandeep was also worried about her four-year-old son as he couldn’t send him to kindergarten. But with a little research, he came across some innovative learning kits and ideas for engaging his son in fun activities. “I thought my son was learning on his own at home. He became interested in the garden and we taught him the names of the vegetables, the colors of the flowers.

To instill discipline in him, we use the help of technology – we schedule his routine on our phones, lock games and apps for a few hours each day, and set an alarm for him to water the garden, ”he says. . Mukta Khurana, co-founder and director of the Ekam Early Learning Center, talks about the importance of encouraging a child to be creative at this tender age. “The first few years are the foundation years and learning shouldn’t stop during this time. Parents should be involved in the learning and make it fun.

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