From Aries to Pisces, know how your day will go on Thursday

At the start of the first day of July, Mars in Leo will be in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. This will affect all signs of stepping back and thinking about their situations. Now is not the time to act. Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio should be wary of unexpected situations in the workplace. Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius can find themselves clouded by thoughts and fantasies. Aries, Taurus, Leo will have to take a step back and reassess their situation. Capricorns should be wary of any financial crisis.


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It’s time for Aries to sit back and relax

Your plans may encounter an unexpected hurdle today. Be prepared to take a step back from whatever you are planning. Now is the time to sit back and relax. Ruled by the red planet Mars, bright colors bring you luck because they amplify your personality. Your lucky numbers are 1.8 respectively. The lucky alphabets for the sun sign are A, L, E.


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Taurus should avoid socializing

If you want to avoid chaos in your routine, it is advisable to stay home and cancel any socialization plans. Any plans you have made professionally can be interrupted.

Your lucky numbers are 2 and 7, while the alphabets B, V, and U will give you all the positivity you need. The planet Venus rules your sign, and therefore the color white will help you in your endeavors.


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Yellow is the color of the day for Gemini

You may be feeling clouded over by your thoughts today. It can affect your ability to communicate and charm your audience. Embrace this slowing down process. Your lucky numbers are 3 and 6, while the color yellow will bring your luck. The alphabets K, C, G will be beneficial to you because your sun sign is in Mercury.


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Cancer can sense healing energy

You may be caught prioritizing your fantasy and dream phase today and ditching the practical stuff. If you have felt any issues in your relationships, today is the day when you can feel healing energy. The lucky number 4 and the lucky alphabets are D and H will be your guide. As the moon rules your sign, milky colors will work for you.

LION (JULY 23 – AUG 23)

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The color gold will work in favor of the Lion

You will experience friction when it comes to relationships that require commitment. There will be a lot of thinking about long term plans and what it means to be independent from such commitments. Your lucky number is 5 and the color gold will bring you luck. The alphabets M and T will be your guide as the Sun rules your sign.


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Virgo needs to control their anger today

Beware of sudden outbursts of anger you might be experiencing today. Repressed frustrations may force you to oppose an authority figure at work or elsewhere. The planet Mercury rules your sign and the alphabets P, T, N bring you luck. Go for the numbers 3.8 and the color green for all the luck.


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Libra could re-evaluate their romantic relationship

You may have to face issues that call into question the reality and feasibility of your long-term plans. You may also feel the need to reassess your romantic relationship. Your sign is ruled by the planet Venus. Go for the color white and the numbers 2 and 7 for luck. R and T are the alphabets that will accompany you throughout your journey.


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Scorpio can go for bright colors like orange or red

You may find yourself in the midst of a harsh reality check when it comes to career, family, and relationship issues. Go for bright colors like orange or red as your sign is ruled by Mars. The numbers 1 and 8 will bring you luck while the alphabets N and Y will be your guide.


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Sagittarius can be overwhelmed with emotions

Any plan related to education, travel and advancement will face a deadlock today. You can be overwhelmed with emotions today. Ruled by Jupiter, your lucky numbers and your sign color are 9.12 and yellow. B, D, P, D are the letters for you.


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Capricorn could face financial problems

There may be issues regarding financial issues today. You may also find yourself embroiled in an argument with your partner. 10, 11 are your lucky numbers while the alphabets K and J will support you. Your favorable color is cyan because the dominant planet of your sign is Saturn,


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Aquarius should avoid any social activity

Beware of any hostile situation that arises in family matters or with the elderly in your workplace. Avoid all social activity and stay low. The numbers 10 and 11, and the alphabets G, S will bring you luck. Dark blue color will benefit you because your sign is ruled by Saturn.


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Pisces May Face Obstacles In Their Workplace

You will face obstacles in your workplace today. Reassess your situation and practice calm, calculated movements instead of worrying about the situation. Ruled by Jupiter, your favorable color is yellow, and your lucky numbers are 9 and 12. For Pisces, the lucky letters are D, C, J and T.

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